MAKING OF BEASTARS – 3DCG animation making technique by ORANGE

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This is the making book for the popular Japanese anime “BEASTARS”.

Through the making of TV animation “BEASTARS”, the original production method of the animation studio “Orange”, which has been attracting attention both in and out of the industry, has been released to the world through the production of high quality video works.
3DCG model, facial capture, CG animation, art setting, art board, VFX, color design, directing, shooting processing, etc. posted valuable setting materials of each section for “BEASTARS” production.
A lot of interviews with staff including director Shinichi Matsumi and chief CG director Eiji Ino are included!
Introducing the orange production workflow, tools used, and the flow of cut production, we will approach the back side of orange production that continues to challenge new expressions beyond the 2D / 3D barrier.

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March, 2020

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A production company that handles CG animation such as Japanese TV animation, theater animation, OVA, and game movies.
They are working on video production with 3ds max as the main software.
Especially, the natural fusion of animation and CG and the animation of CG characters have many years of know-how and achievements and high quality.

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