Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle- Official Guide Book+ first Limit edition

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With its unique characters and high-quality music, “Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle,” a music-based character rap project, has garnered immense support not just from women but also from music fans at large. This latest official guidebook covers the story and world of the project comprehensively.

Having grown into a popular content with over one million subscribers on its official YouTube channel, it is affectionately known as “HypMic”. The franchise has expanded across various media, including comics, game apps, stage productions, radio, and anime, with its second TV anime season, “Rhyme Anima +”, broadcasted from October 2023.

This first special edition includes a limited CD featuring three songs, including new tracks from Division All Stars and Nakano Ward’s “Kotonoha Party”. These exclusive songs are a must-listen for all fans.

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September, 2023

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