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Easy-to-understand explanation of “effects” in illustrations! More freedom and more vivid effects. A book that illustrates the features of “effects” in illustrations in an easy-to-understand manner.

Flames, tornados, splashes, thunders, explosions, shock waves, beams … Drawing “phenomenon” that does not have a fixed shape or visible substance is not easy even for those who are familiar with drawing characters and backgrounds.

In this book, so-called “effects” are categorized by expressions such as “flame,” “water,” and “wind,” and their illustrations, patterns of expression, and basic drawing methods are illustrated.

In addition, in what kind of scene the effect is actually used, “Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction EVANGELION: 1.11 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE.” Introducing many scenes from TV animation, theater animation, music video, and self-produced animation.

This book is recommended for people who want to draw dynamic and powerful illustrations, and those who are worried that “I can draw characters and backgrounds but something is not enough …”.

<Recommended for such people>
・ People who want to draw powerful and dynamic illustrations
・ Person who wants to finish illustration with atmosphere

<Structure of this document>
Ch1 effect basics
Effect basics
Effect expression type
Effects and shapes, etc.

Ch2 light effect
How to draw light
How to draw thunder
How to draw a beam
How to draw a discharge

Ch3 flame effect
How to draw a flame
How to draw a fireball
How to draw flame radiation, etc.

Ch4 explosion effect
How to draw an explosion
How to draw a shock wave
How to draw an eruption, etc.

Ch5 smoke / cloud effect
How to draw smoke and clouds
How to draw linear smoke
How to draw cumulus, etc.

Ch6 water system effect
How to draw running water
How to draw splashes
How to draw water surface, etc.

Ch7 wind effect
How to draw the wind
How to draw a tornado
How to draw Nakiki and others

Example published work
“Azur Lane”
“Under the Dog”
“Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction EVANGELION: 1.11 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE.”
“Bet Kegurui xx”
“Girl ☆ Opera Revue Starlight”
“Blue Fafner EXODUS”
“Loo’s Song Telling the Dawn”
“Flip Flappers”
Anime “Frame Arms Girl”
“Anklet and the Blue Sea”
“Tsukushi no Mook”
“Song for You”


Release Date:
March, 2020

Author profile

Shinji Matsuoka

Born in Kama City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Illustrator and art teacher.
Studied in Genpei Akasegawa at the Bigakko.
Monthly manga gallo winning debut.
Won Young Comics Yasuji Tanioka Award.
Received the “Illustration” magazine and “The Choice” annual prize.
After working as Yasuji Tanioka Productions, he became independent and released illustrations mainly in the publishing and advertising industries.
Since 2004, he has been a lecturer at design vocational schools and culture schools.

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Shinji Matsuoka


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