8 best books of Japanese background illustration book

Seiji Yoshida Art works & Perspective technique - Japanese illustration book

In this article, I will introduce Japanese books that specialize in background illustration. It is useful as a reference for those who draw background pictures. The quality of the work is also high, so you can enjoy it as a collection of works.

Yoshida Seiji Artworks & Perspective technique

Seiji Yoshida Art works & Perspective technique - Japanese illustration book

A long-awaited first collection of works by Seiji Yoshida, a popular illustrator for “Monogatari no Ie” and “Wandoro”.

In addition to new drawings, it is packed with popular contents, cover paintings, and personal works. In the second half, the complete recording of Seiji Yoshida’s perspective method for drawing “beautiful scenes”. The definitive edition of the perspective drawing method with the right brain!

Language: Japanese

Makoto Shinkai’s work_Weathering with You Art Book

Makoto Shinkai's work_Weathering with You Art Book

Animated work “Weathering with You” directed by Makoto Shinkai. A book that contains more than 240 points of the overwhelming art background.

It contains the art background that set the stage for the story, such as the city of Tokyo, which changes its expression depending on the weather, and the world of beautiful clouds and the sky that take your breath away.

Also included is an interview with director Makoto Shinkai and an explanation of the art background setting by art director Hiroshi Takiguchi. It will be a valuable book full of articles that can only be read here. 

Language: Japanese

Mysterious Scenes from a Dark Fantasy World [Cover Illustlation : Monokubo ]

Mysterious Scenes from a Dark Fantasy World-Background illustrations and Scenes

This is the 4th installment of “Beautiful Scene Illustration” that introduces creators who draw emotional landscape works and their works! At the end of the book, there is also a making article by popular illustrator Monokubo who worked on cover illustrations!

In the fourth installment, we will introduce 30 creators who draw a fascinating dark fantasy world and their works. Enjoy a dark fantasy world that inspires fear and curiosity, with dark cloud journeys, fantastic and dubious megastructures, evolving technology and devastated cities, and destructive creatures.

Explains how to create a deep theme, how to draw a background using 3DCG software Blender, how to draw a character with a three-dimensional effect, etc. To do.

Language: Japanese & English

[Cover illustration / making]

MAEDAX’s Background Moe!

MAEDAX's Background Moe! - Japanese manga

The background of the manga looks interesting! A drawing book that changes the way you look at the background.

Background guidance presented by MAEDAX, who has been active as the head of the “Assistant Background Beauty School MAEDAX School” that conducts professional-oriented background lectures, and in the past also worked as an assistant to famous cartoonists such as Kenjiro Hata, Koji Kumeta, and Takahiro Seguchi. Book! More than 100 additional illustrations not included in the manga artist version are published!

From large buildings such as schools, houses, and housing complexes to small items such as utility poles, traffic lights, vending machines, doors, chairs, and smartphones that you can see in the city! Eliminate background problems with “moe”!

Language: Japanese

Abandoned mine town – Pochi work collection & drawing technique

Abandoned mine town - Pochi work collection & drawing technique - Japanese illustration book

The first collection of works by the lyrical landscape painter Pochi.
Milky Way, Irido Cloud, Coal Mine, Three-dimensional City, Decayed Train, Moonlight
Full of light and air drawing techniques!

[Recommended comment by Seiji Yoshida (illustrator)]
A luxurious world of works with many layers of information such as people’s lives and the history of the city, which is not limited to fantastic scenery.
The charm of “living city” is packed in this painting.

Language: Japanese

How to draw attractive backgrounds

How to draw attractive backgrounds - Seiji Yoshida-Aki Yoshikawa-Denki-ZENJI

Professional painters thoroughly explain the background drawing that tends to be weak!

Have you ever felt dissatisfied with your illustration making?
This book aims to eliminate such dissatisfaction and doubts.
We thoroughly explained the techniques and tools used by professional painters in “background drawing”!
Detailed settings such as layer configuration, layer settings, brushes used, RGB value of color scheme, etc. are described!
It is the strongest making & technique guide that you can learn various techniques by reproducing the painting of professional painters.

Four professional painters thoroughly explain the seven background makings!
We publish seven background makings with rich variations such as natural scenery, fantastic castles, science fiction cities.
Four illustrators who are active in the professional field will use CLIP STUDIO PAINT to explain in detail and carefully.
Professional working tools such as brushes that you can not know easily,
You can understand the detailed drawing procedure up to layer composition in detail in this one book!
By thoroughly learning how to paint professionally, your illustration will be dramatically improved!!

Language: Japanese

KUKKA Art Works

KUKKA Art Works - Japanese Illustration Book

The long-awaited publication of the first collection of original and commercial works that illustrator KUKKA has continued to draw!

At first glance, the emotional composition and vibrant colors are engraved in your memory. Please enjoy a number of dense works that condense dramatic time and stand still.

Language: Japanese

How to draw the background – from basics to practice

How to draw the background - from basics to practice - Japanese Illustration Book

Complete explanation from basic knowledge for drawing background to know-how, coping method, making!

● Three luxury benefits
・ Brush actually used in making
・ Making video
・ PSD file with all layers

● Introducing from basic knowledge to professional skills and certain problems in detail and carefully
・ How to draw a line
・ Points to make it look good
・ How to capture light, shadow, and color
・ The shortest trick to make you look beautiful and how to capture the silhouette
・ Points of bird’s-eye view perspective
・ How to draw texture
・ Composition and layout that complements the picture
・ What to do when you can’t think of what to draw
・ What to do when you can’t draw well
・ A solution that makes you depressed when you see someone who is good at painting

● Detailed explanation of how to draw the things you want to draw in the background
Sky, clouds, trees, flowers, rocks, ground, night sky, stars, lakes, forests, rain, cherry blossoms, rivers, cars, houses, desks and chairs, accessories, dusk, ruins, rubble, metal decoration, cobblestones, fountains, mecha , Castle, sea … etc

Language: Japanese

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